Monday, April 2, 2018

Vintage Mini Album for Tresors de Luxe

Hello friends! Today I am sharing a mini album I made using MANY, MANY laces and beautiful embellishments from the Tresors de Luxe Etsy shop. I paired these laces with a gorgeous paper collection by Stamperia called "Old Lace" and I love the result!

To start, I added this large lace to the cover of the mini album over the papers.

I also added a bunch of flowers, including these pink patterned chiffon flowers and a brown beaded flower stem, both from the Tresors etsy shop.

And, this rhinestone brooch was the perfect touch on the shutters. The Tresors de Luxe etsy shop has many charms and brooches available for purchase.

Inside the cover I added some applique pieces that I cut up and tucked under the paper for journaling.  

I also added this bow charm.

I cut up a different applique and tucked pieces under the envelope and put one of the flower pieces in the center.

On the rest of the the pages I added lace trim and more appliques that I cut up to fit with the design of each of the pages.

This applique was the perfect center for this page, and is great for mini albums in general because it has lots of details, and is flat, which doesn't add to the bulk and allows the album to close.

I added this beaded applique to the dress form after I cut it down. I didn't glue down the beads because I love the movement as you flip through the pages.

On these pages below, I used one applique that I cut up into five different pieces to space out to adorn this spread.

I tucked the two end pieces of the applique under the heart.

I kept this spread simple, cutting up the lace patterns and adding brown pearls to the flower centers. 

I also added a small paper flower for some contrast.

I made coordinating pockets for this spread. 

This lace is very large and looks great cut up as pieces that resemble vases. 

For this last spread of the inside back cover I wanted it to be pretty flat, so I only added the applique to the part of the page that holds the "pull outs."

Here's a closeup of that beautiful applique. There are many appliques in the etsy shop!

Thanks for stopping by the blog today! Be sure to click on the links in this post that take you to the many beautiful embellishments in the Tresor de Luxe etsy shop!

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