Saturday, January 28, 2017

Mixed Media Doll

Hello everyone!

Last year I went to Prima's ArtVenture Seaside in Coronado, and I took the most amazing class- a mixed media doll class by Anna Dabrowska. The doll I made in that class took me weeks to finish at home, and it is one of my most treasured projects! You can see a detailed account of the process HERE. I loved the process so much, that I decided to make another doll.

I started this one this past summer at a retreat, and I have worked on it, bits at a time, and finally finished it up last week.

The color scheme was intended to be green, purple, and gold, Mardi Gras colors, but the tones didn't come out quite how I thought they would. However, that stunning purple-pink color is a Prima Color Bloom 2 mist, Black Tulip. 

I decided to make a mask for her because she is going to sit next to her blue sister who is always wearing a mask, so I thought they should have something in common.  And, after gessoing her face, her poor eyes are kind of a mess! :)

Here in this side view, you can get a sense of how tall that beehive hairdo is- the doll had practically no hair, so I bought additional doll hair to supplement. Of course, the beehive needed a massive crown, so I added several metal pieces- some are Prima mechanicals, some are just random pieces I've had for a while.

Another close up of the crown- you can see I added roses to her hair as well. I found the wings in the doll section of a craft store.

Here's a closeup of the roses- they are the Prima ones that come in the box and have gold edges. They have been gessoed, painted, misted, and painted again to create the marbled effect. (And they are very durable now.)

Here's a close up of her back. 

I used the Prima Color Bloom Empress Gold for the gold coloring, as well as Prima opal magic paints. I achieved the green color by using Tattered Angels Olive Vine, and also Prima opal magic paints. 

Thanks for having a look at my doll!



mccrumbrobbin said...

THis is beyond incredible !!!! Love, Love, Love!

Scraps of Elegance said...

Rae!!! This is fabulous! I adore all your details. Lets see more......