Tuesday, May 31, 2016

"You and Me" Layout for Prima's May Build a Page Challenge

 Prima had a lovely sketch for their May Build a Page Challenge, so I thought I would play along. 

Check it out:

And, this is my take on it:

I used the Tales of You and me collection, as well other Prima goodies including alphas, resin butterflies, hearts from the Mechanicals collection, some floral lace trim, and my coveted pistachio vine! The chipboard is from Dusty Attic, but I did treat it with the new Prima rust paste and copper acrylic paint. 

In this closeup, you can see the stenciling I did with clear crackle. I added some brown distress ink, as well as some purple chalk ink over it to blend the colors of the layout together. 

Thanks for checking out my layout. I hope you had time to play along!


Monday, May 23, 2016

Art Venture Seaside Projects!

This past April, I went to Prima's Art Venture Seaside event in Coronado, CA, and it was fantastic! Of course this was the perfect getaway for me getting to experience my two favorite things in the world: scrapbooking and the beach! Take a look at the view we had while crafting:

There were three mixed media classes, each taught by some of the best people in the crafting world! 


Class #1: "Hope: Altered Doll, Part One with Anna Dabrowska

 This was my third time taking a class from this remarkably talented woman, and this class is my favorite so far because the project was so unique! 

Here's a look at the class sample:

I cannot begin to express my excitement to make something like this!

The class was done in two parts. On the first day, we made the dress which had to dry for a few hours. We set the headless dolls outside, and it was quite a sight!

(I didn't take this picture, but I believe Denny Dupra-Ruffner did, as he posted it on Facebook. :) )

And, the last part was decorating the head of the doll. Here's what my lady looked like after the first part of the class:

The dress still needed time to dry completely, so we put them aside for the next day! 

Class #2: Relics Romance Necklace with Debby Anderson

I LOVED making this necklace with the Relics and Artifacts line! At first glance of the necklace sample, it looks like its not going to take three hours to make, but the amount of detail that Debby puts into her pieces is incredible! She is an amazing teacher! She took the time to explain the "how and why" of all of the steps, and I learned so many ways to add FINE details to make a piece of jewelry that is finished to perfection. The layers of mixed media on the relics give it an amazing look, and no picture can accurately showcase that! But, here is my finished project:

And, here's a closeup of the heart:

It was a great day of classes, and we ended early enough to enjoy being on the island for a beautiful sunset on the beach.


Class #1: "Hope: Altered Doll, Part Two with Anna Dabrowska

The second part of the altered doll class was an incredible experience. The day before it was exciting to see how everyone had the same products, but managed to make such unique dresses for their dolls! Day two was equally exciting seeing how everyone was adorning, and then coloring their dolls! We all wandered around in awe of what was going on at every table. 

Take a look at these pictures to get an idea of the variety:
(Again, I snagged these pictures from Facebook, taken by Denny Dupra-Ruffner.)

I was pretty happy with how my doll came out, but I knew she would need some work when I got home. Some of the blue mist did get on my doll's "skin" and I wanted her to have a cleaner look. This is what her face looked like at the end of class:

I tried painting her with white gesso, but it wasn't coming out as "clean" as I wanted to, so I decided to start over with her entire head and sprayed her with gesso spray.

I attempted to paint her face giving her some eyebrows and pretty plum lips. 

But, ultimately I decided she should have a mask, so this is what she looks like, all finished:

Here's a couple of shots of her in her entirety:

And some close ups of the dress details: 

And a view from the back:

After making this doll, I have a feeling I will be making a few more!

Class #3: Amour Relic Shrine with John Creighton Petersen

 This is my second time taking a class from John, and I just love how fun he is and how he makes the projects seem so easy to make! The first part of the class was making this beautiful shrine:

The techniques we use with black gesso, opal magic paints, micas, and texture paste make this a stunning piece of decor.  And, I learned about Liquid Fusion glue, which I used to adhere the relics to the shrine. It changed my life! :) There's no way that those pieces are EVER coming off using that stuff!

Here's a closeup of the heart locket:

Even the back of the shrine has an awesome finish: 

There is a second part to the class- a heart bracelet, but I didn't get a chance to make that YET. I decided to leave class a little early to beat that crazy Southern CA traffic back to Las Vegas!

Thanks for taking the time to check out my projects from Art Venture Seaside! If you ever get a chance to go to an Art Venture event, DO IT! You won't be sorry!


Tuesday, May 10, 2016

"Be Strong" Layout for the May Prima Product Picks Challenge

I just loved the color palette for Prima's PPP this month, and decided to try it out. Just take a look at these beautiful colors!

I chose to use the Garden Fable collection for most of the layout. While these colors are a lovely combination, my biggest challenge was NOT adding green! :) For some reason I kept wanting to add some green papers and greenery to the floral clusters, but I found some blue and pink leaves from the Royal Menagerie collection that worked out well.  I used up a lot of my flowers from open packages of different collections. Some of the other flowers are from Royal Menagerie, as well as lace flowers from the Cigar Box Secrets collection, some small yellow flowers from the Epiphany collection and the Audrey flower collection, and of course from the Garden Fable collection to get a good variety and capture the colors from the palette!

Here's what I came up with: 

I started out using the Prima white crackle paste on a large distressed circle stencil. Once dry, I added some water and soft teal color bloom spray with a brush over the crackle image. 

The pink foils that go along with the adhesive rub ons were perfect for this color palette, so I added some of the rub ons, including this flower with a little cluster and beautiful resin cherub. The teal leaves are Prima metals that took apart.

 For the title, I wanted to use the adhesive rub ons with the foil, but I didn't want to use the pink again, and I thought the teal would be too bright, so I used both! I used the pink foil on the adhesive rub on first, but I didn't press it down over the entire rub on. Then, I used the teal foil and pressed over the entire rub on to get this faded look which I love!

Thanks for checking out my layout! I hope you get a chance to play along in the Prima challenges this month!


Sunday, May 1, 2016

Prima Wall Art Submission

Oh my, I was down to the wire on this one! :) In case you didn't know, Prima Marketing is having a "Wall Art" contest, and one of the items on the list that you could use was one of the new Prima DIY chandeliers, so that's what I made. First, here's the gallery wall in it's entirety:

Table top view.

I love all things beachy. It is my most favorite decor theme!

Besides the chandelier, I also made each project, mostly using Prima products, which I have already shared in previous blog posts.

So, for this chandelier, my main idea was to replace the "lights" with shells, and give it a bluish patina wash. 

Here's a couple of different pictures of the whole project.

I started out painting the chandelier with some VerDay paint, and then I added some gold crackle in random spots.  I then dry brushed the entire thing with white gesso, then I gave it a good spraying session with the color bloom sprays in deep teal, light teal, and glistening waves.  I also added some pearl strands from my stash, and well as some Prima Calcutta flowers I have been saving for a special project. 

I added the shells and then some art stones, both sizes, and dry brushed those with gesso, and then sprayed them with the color bloom spray in empress gold. Here's a couple more closeups of the shells:

Lastly, I added the Prima chandelier adornments. They were clear, but I decided to give them a beach glass finish, again using the blue color bloom sprays. 

Thanks for checking out my entry for the Prima Wall Art contest!